New Client Card

Prior to your first visit please complete this form and bring it with you so that we can effectively and efficiently provide the service you deserve!

New Patient Card

Please fill out this form and bring it with you if you are currently a client of ours here at Blackfalds Veterinary Hospital and are bringing a new pet to see us.

Drop Off form

Please fill out this form and bring it with you if you have arranged with us to bring your pet in to our hospital for a Drop Off appointment. Please fill out this form as completely as possible with as much information about your pet’s illness as possible. PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO OUR HOSPITAL BEFORE BRINGING YOUR PET IN FOR A DROP OFF APPOINTMENT

Transfer of Medical Records Consent Form

If you wish to have your pet’s medical records transferred from a previous veterinary clinic, please fill out this form and we will fax it to your pet’s previous veterinary clinic on your behalf.

Prescription Refill and Food Order Request Form

Please use the form below to request your prescription refill or food item. This will save you time when picking up your order. Please allow 24 hours for order processing. Do not come to the clinic until you have received confirmation to pick up your order.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Please use this form if you wish to authorize the use of your credit card to be used for your pet’s care in the event you are unable to come in with your pet.  Examples of such situations to use this form could be if you will be having someone else bring in/pick up your pet in your absence or if you will be using another person’s credit card to pay for a procedure. BLACKFALDS VETERINARY HOSPITAL IS UNABLE TO TAKE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE.

Change of Ownership Form

Please use this form if you are giving your pet to another person and wish to release your pet’s medical records to the new owner. New owner’s information must be provided in order to complete the transfer. We are unable to provide a pet’s medical records to a new owner without written consent from the owner on file at our hospital.