Keeping your pet healthy is important to us

We offer a wide range of services including medical, diagnostic, surgical, and preventive health care needs for your pet so they live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Wellness Programs

Vaccinations: Vaccines prevent many serious diseases which can be life threatening to your pet, and sometimes, your family members.  Preventing these diseases is much easier, and less costly, than treating them if they happen.  For adult dogs and cats prevention is as easy as one short vet visit per year.  Call us if you are unsure which vaccines your pet requires!

Nutrition Counselling:  Just like us, our pets require good nutrition to stay healthy.  We have several options for maintenance diets for healthy juvenile, adult and senior pets as well as many prescription diets specially formulated for any health conditions your pet may have.  All of our diets are fully guaranteed and tested for quality.  Ask our staff if you have any questions about the best diet for your pet!

Parasite Prevention:  Parasites are found everywhere in our environment and our pets can pass them onto us and our family members.  We carry several prescription parasitic prevention medications which treat both internal and external parasites with one easy monthly dose.  Your pet’s lifestyle will determine which treatment is best for them.  Ask our staff if which product is best for your pet.

Laser Therapy:  Our clinic boasts a therapeutic laser which is a non-invasive way to treat many different medical conditions such as lameness, wounds, ear infections, cystitis and much more.  Give us a call to learn more.

Behaviour:  We offer in house puppy classes one evening per week with a certified instructor.  These are basic obedience classes geared for dogs of all ages.  Give us a call for more details or if you’d like to book your puppy in for the next session.


Our dental procedures are done under general anesthetic and include a full mouth examination by a veterinarian, scaling, cleaning, polishing and full dental radiographs.  If required, appropriate extractions with surgical closure for extractions sites is done as well. Your pet will be closely monitored by a Registered Veterinary Technologist who will use their training and knowledge as well as state of the art heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation monitors to ensure your pet has a safe and smooth anesthetic.

Xray and Ultrasound

Our hospital has immediate access to digital xray as well as the ability to do ultrasound in house giving you more timely diagnosis and immediate care for your pet.  We can also access board-certified radiologists who can give us same day answers on any more complicated cases.


We offer a wide range of surgical procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Spay/Neuter of cats, dogs and exotics
  • Mass/Tumor removal with histopathology and staging
  • Cystotomy (removal of bladder stones)
  • Soft tissues surgery such as Soft Palate Resection and Stenotic Nares Correction
  • Exploratory Laparotomy/Biopsy of internal organs
  • Wound repair/Laceration Repair/Skin flaps and grafts
  • Enucleation, Entropion (eyelid correction), Cherry eye correction
  • TPLO/Stifle surgery is offered in hospital through a referral surgeon

Internal Medicine

Blackfalds Veterinary Hospital has advanced diagnostic equipment to make sure we provide the most accurate assessment of your pet’s illness.  In-house blood analysis means that we can do a complete blood count and blood chemistry within the hour, which translates into faster treatment time.  In-house Cytology, Urinalysis and Fecal testing as well as some viral testing provide a quick and more accurate analysis of your pet’s unique medical needs.  In-house ECG means that we can quickly assess and diagnose cardiac arrythmias and disease the same day.  Ultrasound and digital x-ray allow us to immediately assess a variety of emergency situations, as well as chronic conditions in a non-invasive and pain free way.


We are excited to have Dr. Lydia du Toit who has a special interest in treating exotic species.  She would love to see your Lizards, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Tortoises and Turtles, Bird species, including Chickens, and Sugar Gliders.  We also boast another Veterinarian, Dr. Wendy Hudson, who has a special interest in small ruminants and Pot Bellied Pigs.